AIGA’s focus on encouraging diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of design in all areas of society.

Online classes on decolonizing design.

A list of designers recognized for educating about social justice issues on social media.

Kelly Walters collects twelve deeply personal interviews with graphic design educators of color who teach at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

This page is an attempt to answer the frequent question “Where are the Black type designers?” This list includes anyone who identifies as Black and has worked in type design at some point in their career.

An article by The New York Times on design and diversity.

A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers.

HXOUSE is a Toronto-based, globally focused think-center. Serving its community as an incubator and accelerator, it helps to foster innovation and opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.

Judging by the Cover is a data visualisation project highlighting race bias in design book publishing.

Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free. For commercial and personal use.

Reference Room is a gathering space for people to experience some of the reading materials that have inspired Deem’s three issues.

An anthology centering a range of perspectives, spotlights teaching practices, research, stories, and conversations from a Black/African diasporic lens.

An essay from PDR Corp on the diversity gap in the design industry. Discusses current context, solutions moving forward and different organizations addressing the subject.

The Native Graphic Design Project is intended as a way to increase the visibility of Native, Native American, First Nations, American Indian, AmerIndian, Aboriginal, Metís, Native Alaskan, Indigenous, Indígina, and Inuit people working in the field of graphic design.

The People’s Graphic Design Archive is a crowd-sourced virtual archive that aims to expand, diversify, and preserve graphic design history.

Vocal Type is works to diversify design through the root of all (good) works of graphic design—typography. Each typeface highlights a piece of history from a specific underrepresented race, ethnicity, or gender. Offers trial versions.

An article by The New York Times on what BIPOC means.

An initiative that serves as a platform for black designers. They have a resource section for articles and talks relating to the lack of black designers in the industry.

AIGA historical article about the difficulties and solutions in removing barriers for graphic design.

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