A comprehensive guide to various creative careers.

Creative Lives in Progress is an inclusive creative careers resource, on a mission to transform the way emerging talent access, understand and connect with the industry.

A database that includes design agencies and studios in Toronto that pay the minimum wage and minimum living wage.

A list of companies & studios in New York City that pay their design/creative interns more than the NYC living wage.

A database of Toronto-based studios, agencies, and firms ranging from design, art, illustration, advertising, and more.

Via is a design initiative that aims to support potential creatives and BIPOC individuals in their pursuit of a creative education and career. (Shameless plug by Jasmine)

From the box of cereal that you pick in the store, to the logo of your favourite brand,  design is everything and everywhere. This book explains what Graphic Design is, what it means to be a designer, the importance of design, and what it takes to be one. Available for free download.

A poster that debunks common myths about design as a career. Available for free download.

Starving and suffering for our art is sooooo 1700’s.

So you’ve decided to defy your parents and become a creative. You can make money off of it and enjoy not having to be a doctor.

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︎—Our Favourites
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