A2-Type is a type foundry and type design consultancy. Offers various type styles.

Adobe Fonts ︎
Variety of fonts available for print and web, free with Creative Cloud subscription.

Founded by Femme Type, a brand created in response to the under-representation and inaccessibility of the typographic scene, ALT.tf is an extension of its mission to set the new industry standard. Offers trial versions.

atipo® is an independent digital typeface foundry and graphic design studio. Their goal is to support students, graphic designers, agencies, publishers and corporations by offering both quality retail fonts and custom projects to editorial and corporate projects.

This page is an attempt to answer the frequent question “Where are the Black type designers?” This list includes anyone who identifies as Black and has worked in type design at some point in their career.

Blaze Type is an independent type foundry designing retail and custom fonts.

Canada Type is an independent digital lettering and font development studio based in Toronto.

Collletttivo designs and distributes free Open-Source typefaces.

Colophon is an international, award-winning type foundry that offers a variety of type styles. Offers trial versions (requires account)

Variety of fonts made by independent designers.

Playful display fonts. Offers discounted student pack and student licenses. Not available for paid work by a student.

Sans serif and serif fonts. Offers free starter package available for testing.

ECAL Typefaces has, since 2016, been the first online type foundry based within a university. All fonts are designed by students. Half of the income generated from sales goes directly to the students of Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne. Offers trial versions.

Ellen Luff is an independent type designer from the UK. Offers beautiful display fonts.

Variety of affordable fonts with trial versions available.

High quality fonts free for personal and commercial use.

General Type Studio is a New York based type foundry. Offers trial versions for their entire catalog.

Fun display fonts. Offers trial versions of every font, student licenses available.

Variety of free fonts available for print and web.

Gradient is an independent type foundry and type consultancy with main focus on the production of high quality typefaces and type systems. Offers trial versions on request.

Offers unique font families, trial versions are available.

Fun display fonts, sans serif, and serif. Offers trial versions of every font available for testing.

Johanne Lian Olsen is an independent designer working within type design, identities and editorial design. Her work includes a variety of display fonts.

Fun, affordable display fonts that also offers other design assets.

High quality, reputable fonts designed by various designers globally. Offers trial versions.

Lost Type is the first of its kind, a Pay-What-You-Want type foundry.

Nguyen Gobber is a graphic design practice helping people and institutions from the academic, cultural, and social fields to leave a profound impression. Offers trial versions for student use (non-commercial).

Fun display fonts. Offers trial versions of every font, available for testing and student use (not for paid work by a student).

Fun display fonts, sans serif, and serif. Offers $30 starter package available for testing and personal use + 10 mockups.

Display fonts, sans serif, and serif. Offers free starter package available for testing.

A studio offering minimalistic fonts and mockups.

The original, the first, the open-source font foundry. Provides resources on type use in web, print, and readings.

Great selection of mono and sans serif fonts. Offers 30% off student discounts and trial versions for testing.

The Type Foundry Directory is a curated index of type foundries. It has everything that we may have missed!

Typewolf is an independent site that features typefaces from all type foundries regardless of where the fonts can be purchased. In addition, it provides valuable resources for type pairings, history and applications.

Vocal Type is works to diversify design through the root of all (good) works of graphic design—typography. Each typeface highlights a piece of history from a specific underrepresented race, ethnicity, or gender. Offers trial versions.

WELTKERN is a type foundry, shop, and publisher. Offers trial versions.

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